Electrotechnical company, known on the market for more than 15 years. It offers products for construction, industry, energy, infrastructure and transport. Managed a large number of production complexes in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries. The company’s active position, high-quality products and favorable business conditions allow us to fully meet the needs of the market.

Main area:

Modular equipment;

Power supply systems;

Fittings for self-supporting insulated wire;

Cable-wiring and wiring accessories;

Extension cords;

Enclosures, cabinets, boxes, metal shields IEK and accessories;

Monitoring and control relay;

Switching equipment

Engine protection systems;

Various tools, as well as products for wiring installation;

IEK floodlights and IEK luminaires for domestic and industrial use;

IEK circuit breakers and other programmable equipment;

The well-established strategy of production and marketing of goods has allowed to gain a foothold in the domestic and international markets. The main rule is high-quality and modern products. All the necessary resources are rationally used for this purpose.

Engineers are constantly investigating the telecommunications market, high-voltage equipment and electric motors. The task is to create not just a product, but a complete solution for most tasks. Specialized laboratories conduct research and develop more advanced designs, including electrical products. At each stage of production, a quality assessment is carried out, after which it is evaluated in official certification centers.

The company’s products are used in the construction of industrial and construction objects, large residential and shopping complexes, schools, hospitals. Also, cooperation with restoration and reconstructive workshops is carried out. More than 7000 electrical products and auxiliary equipment are available.

Customer service department carries out tremendous work with attraction of new partners, organizes seminars and meetings. There are various catalogs with products, an Internet project for specialists in the field of energy. Thanks to the service “IEK +” work with designers is established – educational materials, software, support and bonuses are published.

Customers can purchase goods in various directions, whether it is an electric IEK shield, circuit breakers, differential protection devices, relays, contactors or conventional luminaires and network extenders-there is an assortment of products for every taste. Our store provides all this at low prices. All documents for compliance with technical standards are provided.