The company has known since 1998, occupies a leading position in the production of cable-carrying systems and switchboard equipment in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and Europe. The main specialization is the production of plastic channels, corrugated tubes, rigid pipes, as well as metal trays, consoles and other accessories. Catalog of manufactured goods has more than 25000 components, divided into several main groups. In addition, the company has its own patents for new materials and products.

The introduction is produced in several directions:

metal channels;

cable ducts;


low-voltage equipment;

earthing and lightning protection systems;

telecommunication equipment;


The company does not implement direct sales to end customers, all deliveries are conducted through partner shops.

Assortment of goods:

Trays DKS – perforated and not perforated, metal, with fasteners. The F5 Combitech trays use T-shaped butt welding with additional bending of the vertical wire;

a ladder tray DKS – L5 Combitech, designed for laying heavy cable routes;

Double-wall tubes DKC – can be different types: drainage, flexible, rigid tubes;

Ducts in liner – miniducts, intended for open laying of cable networks;

Double-wall corrugated tubes – Octopus, for placing cable communications in soft and hard soils. High protection from mechanical influences is provided;

Perforated tray – S5 Combitech, which allows to improve the cooling of cables and protect them from mechanical damage;

Double-wall flexible tube – is used to place concealed wiring in walls, under the floor and other places where high cable strength is required;

Double-wall corrugated tube – is used in areas with high load, with block laying of pipes. To perform complex bends use flexible corrugated double-walled tubes;

Fire-resistant barriers is fire-resistant pillow, fire retardant foam block, fire-resistant slabs;

Electrical products for home and office use (sockets, switches, carriers, connectors);источники бесперебойного питания и шкафы для размещения оборудования;

Various boxes, safes, switchboards, impact-resistant housings;

Drainage systems and housings for air conditioning and heating systems;

Equipment for grounding and protection from lightning in domestic and industrial conditions.

DKS products are updated every year with new developments. Constant research is one of the main advantages of the company, a lot of innovative projects were deduced, a large-scale campaign was carried out to improve the quality of products, which became a benchmark for competitors’ products.

The company cooperates with many customers that are working on facilities for production, infrastructure, residential and commercial premises, agrocomplexes. Large factories, nuclear and hydroelectric power stations attracted specialists and products of the DKS.

The organization conducts a successful campaign for dynamic development, actively participates in scientific projects of many universities, supports young specialists in the field of electrical engineering. Such social policy improves the interaction of the company and partners, and increases the competitiveness of its products.

Own engineering service organizes support for partners while working on complex projects. High qualification and experience of the personnel will help to cope with the most difficult tasks – the area of the dustry is not limited.